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Diesel Portable Screw Air Compressor HGT Series

Capacity (m3/min):15
  • HGT

  • Shenglida

Product Introduction

High Reliability
The main parts adopt domestic well-known enterprises.
Industry products with reliable quality. Constant pressure, stable flow: realize continuous automatic adjustment of displacement from 0-100%, high efficiency, energy saving, stable and reliable; economical, pollution-free, and low noise.

Small size, light weight, low noise; light and handy, easy to transport, small actual floor space, free in and out under narrow working conditions, reducing transportation costs. The fully open door design ensures a large operating space and is convenient for maintenance and repair. Save time and improve efficiency. No longer worry about unstable flow and insufficient pressure in the process.

Comprehensive Monitoring
The equipment operating status can be fully monitored; the control panel, the equipment operating status is clear at a glance, ensuring the safety of humans and machines.
Adapt to Harsh Environments
This air compressor ensures that it can start perfectly under cold temperature and hypoxia, and meets the load and various harsh working conditions. Solved all the troubles for customers and greatly improved work efficiency.

Technical parameters:


Capacity (m3/min)

Air Pressure (bar)

Engine (kw)

Weight (kg)






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Introducing the Diesel Portable Screw Air Compressor HGT Series - a breakthrough product that blends reliability with energy efficiency perfectly. This remarkable compressor caters to clients who require consistent and dependable results in harsh surroundings.

Built from components sourced from reputed local firms, every unit of the HGT series assures excellent performance and longevity. An ideal option for industrial settings where quality assurance is paramount! The standout feature of this series is its ability to maintain stable flow at constant pressure thanks to automatic displacement adjustment between 0-100%.

Consequently, these features lead to increased efficiency while saving on power costs at the same time as being environmentally friendly. Residential areas or other settings that require minimal noise disturbance can greatly benefit from the HGT Series' low noise capabilities. Operating smoothly while keeping a low profile in its surroundings should be expected from this compressor. It's safe to say that the Diesel Portable Screw Air Compressor HGT Series goes beyond expectations- raising the bar for performance, reliability, and efficiency standards across industries.

Designed to cater to industrial customers who demand only top-quality and reliable equipment; this product's exceptional blend of high-efficiency output accompanied by low-noise levels and cost-effective operations simply make it ideal customer choice. Without exaggeration; The HGT series represents nothing less than state-of-the-art technology in the world of diesel portable screw air compressors- making it undoubtedly critical addition to facilities with performance/reliability topmost on their list.


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