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Selection of Piston Air Compressor and Screw Air Compressor

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Selection of Piston Air Compressor and Screw Air Compressor


Piston (reciprocating) compressors and screw air compressors are the two most popular compressor technologies today. But do you know which one is better suited to your specific needs and applications? Understanding the differences between piston and screw air compressors and the capabilities of each technology is key. That's why we cover the basics below!

What factors should I consider?

Initial and operating costs, energy efficiency, working cycles, and maintenance intervals are important factors to consider when determining whether your business will benefit the most from the piston or rotary screw compressors. Noise levels are another factor to consider.

Initial and operational costs. The compressor budget should not only include the upfront costs you pay for the compressor; You also need to consider how much you will pay for the compressor in the long run (that is, your overall operating cost). Up to 70-75% of compressor life cycle operating costs are used for energy use, so keep this in mind when choosing a compressor technology. The initial cost of the piston is lower than that of the screw, but over time the screw is much cheaper to run.

Energy efficiency. If the piston and screw run for the same time, the screw compressor will be more efficient and less expensive to run than the piston over the life of the compressor. When choosing a technology, ask yourself: Are initial costs or life-cycle costs more important to you and your business?

Duty ratio. Because piston compressors have a limited duty cycle, they are ideal for applications with low-duty cycle requirements and short daily running times. However, screw compressors have long operating cycles. In fact, the screws are carefully designed to run 100% all day, every day!

Service interval. Piston compressors have more moving parts than screw compressors, which leads to increased wear and tear. Screw compressors don't wear as much; As a result, they reduce maintenance requirements. But remember, it's important to have a consistent maintenance plan

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