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Stationary diesel deep well screw air compressor

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This series of products is designed for water well drilling rigs of φ115-254mm borehole diameter and related compressed gas stations required for water well and geothermal projects.

Under the premise of adhering to the excellent characteristics of mobile air compressor, the series products have been upgraded and optimized for the characteristics of continuous use and transportation size requirements, which make the products more durable and have lower fuel consumption.

The whole series of products adopt National III engine.

Product description:

New designed protected cooler for higher efficiency and better safety protection. Full body sound absorbent cotton and rear car silencer designed to make operate noise reduce 40% less than normal products.

This series primarily used with water well and geothermal project required ф115 - 254 mm drill rigs and various other air source requirement. To add to the benefits of the portable compressors, this series specially good for continues running and with transportation requirement in consideration, upgraded for better durability and lower fuel consumption .All with EU3A compatible engines.

1. Full series product optimized for stronger frame and better towing protection and safety; stronger roof loading capabilities to meet customer load carry needs with rubber protection strips.
2. All pressure pipes are connected with steel tubes,it has excellent sealing and protect rubber from prevent aging,never wear and has attractive appearance.
3. With Patent designed safety air filter unit and stainless steel air inlet pipes for guaranteed dust filter ability and better protection against dirty air due to rubber hose damage.
4. All new designed cooler with independent modular unit and secured by structural component with cushion pad without any pressure points, effectively eliminating cooler damage by shroud deformation;independent damaged unit replacement made easy without removing the cooler assembly.

5. Diesel portable compressors all with international brand name controller with optimized interface for only 3 switches to operate, power, on and off。 Automatic preheating, loading and unloading process, pressure control and engine fuel injection,eliminating high pressure stop and oil outburst. Controller with water and moisture proof.

6. Easy access to all maintenance parts with document and tool box for better management of tools, records and safer for machine operation.
7. Electrical portable machine with breaker and power switch easy to access and protected for convenience and safety.

Technical parameters:


Air Capacity (m3/min)

Air Pressure (bar)

Engine (kW)

Air End

Weight (kg)






Single Stage Compression


Fixed SKID





Two Stage Compression


Fixed SKID





Two Stage Compression


Fixed SKID





Two Stage Compression


Fixed SKID





Two Stage Compression


Fixed SKID





Two Stage Compression


Fixed SKID

diesel powered air compressor

Are you in need of a high quality air compressor solution for your water well drilling rigs or compressed gas stations? Consider our Stationary Diesel Deep Well Screw Air Compressor series.

This outstanding product line boasts of borehole diameters ranging from φ115 254mm making it suitable for different water well and geothermal projects. Our products are specifically designed for durability with precise designs optimized for mobile air compressor characteristics while ensuring transportation size requirements are met.

Our stationary diesel engines deliver powerful performance capabilities capable of operating efficiently even under extreme conditions with reduced fuel consumption levels compared to previous models.

At the core of what we do we prioritize enhanced safety features during installation and usage of our compressors.

Rest assured knowing all our products conform to the highest industry standards guaranteeing project execution reliability without having to compromise on operator safety or quality assurance protocols. Our commitment to delivering compressors that are refreshingly straightforward to operate and maintain is apparent in every piece of equipment we produce. Meticulous attention has been paid towards creating a product with a user friendly design which simplifies everything from installation through daily use right down to servicing requirements; as such maximizing operator convenience while minimizing maintenance costs remains a priority for us.

One line of compressors that particularly stands out is the Stationary Diesel Deep Well Screw Air Compressor series thanks to its impressive capacity for energy efficiency - all while still providing impressive performance output. Quality is essential for us at our company; this priority extends from sourcing only top quality materials through utilizing cutting edge technology during all phases of manufacturing all the way up until when products are finally released into the market after undergoing extensive testing procedures ensuring they meet rigorous standards of reliability expected by both ourselves and customers alike. In short when it comes to efficient and high performing compressors perfect for utilization in water well drilling rigs or compressed gas stations our Stationary Diesel Deep Well Screw Air Compressor series is an outstanding choice. You deserve nothing but the best when it comes to equipment performance, longevity, energy conservation and user safety.

Thats precisely why we have engineered a broad range of products that embody these values - including compressors that guarantee optimal functioning and efficiency for all your project requirements. Reach out to us today for additional details about our offerings.


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